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Chevy Colorado with the 2.8L Duramax...

I just finished driving a Colorado Z71 Diesel CCLB for a week to review. The review will be out in the April/May 2016 issue of Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide magazine on the newsstand in about two months.

I won't give away any major details here, but put simply it is an impressive lil' truck and the 2.8L diesel engine is very stout. I towed a skid steer on a tandem axle trailer and it did as good as what I would expect from a 1/2-ton gasser towing a heavy load like that. We also did some serious off roading and the small truck impressed in the dirt, water and mud too!! It was also comfortable for regular city driving with the family.

Price is high, but what new vehicles are not these days? If you want/need a truck and like to tow up to 7600/7700 pounds this could be a great truck that will give near 30 MPG on the highway unloaded and upper 20s in the city with a combined MPG around 24 even with heavy towing/off roading and dyno testing mixed in! This could be a great tow rig for a race team with a light weight race car or truck or someone with a smallish RV and probably perfect for someone with a boat less than 25' or so...

BTW it did 152 HP and 330 lbs-ft of torque on the Dynocom Chassis Dyno at Beans Diesel Performance...

Is anyone looking at getting one of these??? I suspect the aftermarket performance support will be extensive for the little 2.8L Duramax shortly!!! There already is support for the Colorado in general.
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