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Originally Posted by blackmega3500 View Post
Difficult to justify from a production and cost sense when.......

"Laser: 15,000 in / 70 ipm = 214.29 minutes of active cutting. 214.29 min = 3.57 hours. $13/hr * 3.57 hr = $46.41 for 15,000 inches of cutting.

Waterjet: 15,000 in / 15 ipm = 1,000 minutes of active cutting. 1,000 min = 16.67 hours. $15/hr * 16.67 hr = $250.05 for 15,000 inches of cutting.

Without considering any other factors, waterjet cutting is more than five times the cost of laser cutting per inch per hour."

Overall good comparison here: The Cost of Waterjet Vs. Laser Cutting Services | Sheet Metal Fabrication
what type of material does this guy plan to cut with the plasma table. Im guessing mild steel. I currently cut my aluminum on an air plasma and with enough speed you get very nice cuts. The newer air plasmas run other gases like F5 which makes nicer cuts if he needs to cut stainless every once in awhile.
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