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Originally Posted by kleann View Post
This is a pic of the style guides on the down acting press similar to what we have. I tried to look and see if there was a wear surface, but couldn't really tell. I'll try and get a closer look one day.
Some of those will be steel on steel with grease grooves. Some I've seen use a a660 bronze replaceable wear plates. Then some of the higher end new stuff uses heavy linear guides. I think the bronze wear plate style will be fine and inexpensive option. I need to stop at the local welding shop and look at their press brake. It's a old mechanical Chicago 3-400ton range 10ft+. They basically got it free besides the $5K rigging to move it 30 miles. All it needs is a footing poured and set the bottom frame back in(weighs 16000lbs). Then purchase some dies and fire it up.
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