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Originally Posted by Snedge View Post
I don't usually get sentimental, or even think about buying these older trucks.
This one is not special because it's the first Dodge I ever worked on, nor does it belong to a family member. I was here long before Dodges had a Cummins in them.
This truck belonged to a customer/neighbor/friend whom I've known since he walked in our door 24 years ago looking for information about his new truck.
He had recently retired from the mines and purchased this Dodge to tour America. Like Johnny Cash, this trucks been everywhere. He and his wife's first goal was Alaska.
I set him up with a box of consumables like filters, oil and fuel additives, an extra belt and tensioner, and misc other stuff. I also gave him a directory of Cummins dealers so he could find service anywhere he'd go. This was the early days of the internet, so it's not like he could take a google machine and tomtom along. We installed a set of ride rite air bags on the rear, and spend a couple minutes with the injection pump.
Long story short, we cared for his truck while he enjoyed his retired life.
He is 90 now and in poor heath. Old buddy rarely leaves his house anymore. He called me the other day and asked if I could come to the farm to pick up the Dodge. He no longer had a use for it and wanted to make sure it was still decent as it had sat in the barn for a couple years .
We sat at his kitchen table and had a long conversation. Nothing specific, just taking about his travels, his life my life, and all the other stuff men talk about. He's a Godly man. Not the type that beats you over the head with it, the type that walks it. I'm not going to get deep here. I'll just say he's nearing the end of a life well lived.
He handed the title over to me, and said that he'd like to get enough out of the truck to facilitate his final arrangements on the hill behind the church. His thinking was the truck served it's purpose and it may as well finish the job. The plan was for me to clean it up a little, and sell it for him.
I sold it for him on the spot.

I know Iím late to the party but canít help but love a good car or truck story. Always love when original owners turn in car at our salvage yard, always great stories and generally great people. 🍻

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