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Originally Posted by Subman631 View Post
I bought my 07 classic new it is loaded, leather, sunroof, DVD, etc. but only paid 36k. Modded it a bit, twins, exhaust, lift pump, co-pilot, tranny, DSP-5, front end for a little bracket drag racing and sold it after 3 years for 38. Bought it again after the guy died and paid 32 the second time around. He had it 3 years and only put 12K on it. Still worth probably 30K. I'm keeping it. Went and looked at the Colorado, they don't have a diesel one yet, but truck is too small for my taste. my race trailer is heavy and has 1800 lbs of tongue weight, don't think that little truck would handle that.
If someone tows more than 6-7000 regularly I would recommend a regular 3/4-ton diesel rather than a 1/2-ton variant. But for someone who regularly tows 3-5000 the diesel Colorado and similar light diesels would be good I would think, and the Diesel Colorado can tow more when needed up to almost 8000, but I wouldn't want to tow that much with it every day!
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