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Originally Posted by Chris Tobin View Post
If someone tows more than 6-7000 regularly I would recommend a regular 3/4-ton diesel rather than a 1/2-ton variant. But for someone who regularly tows 3-5000 the diesel Colorado and similar light diesels would be good I would think, and the Diesel Colorado can tow more when needed up to almost 8000, but I wouldn't want to tow that much with it every day!
I agree with what you are saying sir, but I also agree with Ken. What limits the smaller trucks is not the weight it can tow, but the tongue weight due to the GVWR and suspension. I had the same issue when I had an F150 ecoboost. The truck would haul well balanced loads great, but my friends chevelle with a BBC on a trailer with axles in a less than desirable location (tongue weight of 1500 or 1600lbs) made for towing nightmares...even with a distribution hitch. Not the trucks fault, but still a limitation that a 3/4 ton would not have.

So, I think it is all on the application and setup. I think it is really cool that the truck can tow that much and it just goes to show how far technology has come.

I cannot wait to test drive one.

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