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w/m for 12.7 detroit

Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
Why do you assume the power level would stay there?

Because you insist on using a turbo that's too small for the job, because you think you know more than about everyone else on the planet. Especially people that's been doing this way longer than you and turbo dealers on here that deal with know it all steering wheel holders on a daily basis.

Friend had one of your fellow trucker buddies call wanting his turbo to "make boost at idle on his ISX so it doesn't smoke". Said he had a guy "tweek the turbo on his 600hp BigCam so it makes boost at idle and doesn't smoke".....yea everyone else let that sink in a minute. These are the guys your sharing the road with. This is why I don't admit to owning or driving trucks. Too many jackasses anymore.

What you really need to do is inject oxygen, that will drastically increase your bottom line.

Like I said, keep up the good work.
Originally Posted by StainlessRRA View Post
Flipping your mirrors up when you don't tow? That serves no purpose other than to let me know that you are a douche, from a distance.

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