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Alright let me a little further explain my thinking. What were really after is ignition timing, which lots of variables play into exactly when this happens after we start to open the injector right? Things like rail pressure, rpm, EGT, head swirl etc etc etc. Now the earlier this ignition happens along with at what rate we start to inject fuel determines the curve of cylinder pressure in relation to crank degrees. Too early and we start having bottom end and head gasket issues, too late and we rob potential power and a few other minute things. So although the 50/50 theory would get us close, I am shooting for more exact. So I guess my first question is how much variance typically are we seeing in that 50/50 on a truck that has been optimally setup? Are we seeing that accross the whole band were within +/-10%? 20? 30?

Im not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I have been tuning for about 3 years and have had zero issues building, given my equipment access and inexperience, what I believe are fairly happy tunes with nothing more than careful intuition. But there is always room to improve through understanding, which is what I am after.
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