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Originally Posted by biggy238 View Post
I'm calm. Just seeing how far you will go.

FWIW I agree, the bearing should deform and fail before the tensile strong of the rod is exceeded.

The engine in the picture was isolated. They keep the machine in a large warehouse. They happened to have left it outside for building maintenance and it got hosed.

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After spending a couple weeks in Caterpillarís failure analysis lab which was incredibly eye opening, I will not say that anything is 100% verity until Iíve completed at least the first few steps of an analysis IN PERSON. Itís unbelievable how many times Iíve been wrong about a diagnosis in the past simply because I was completely unaware of all the types of failures. Iíll use your broken connecting rod picture as an example: It is entirely possible that the connecting rod broke because it already had a failure in the rod and the hydrolocking just sped things up. There could have been an inclusion in the rod in a high stress position that was present the day it was forged. Iím sure the evidence has been bashed off of the face off the crack, but you would have seen beach marks radiating away from a tiny bubble in the corning indicating the progression of a fatigue fracture. In other words, it is possible that the rod was going to break either way! The water just moved things along quicker. That failure analysis class was incredible and highly recommended by the way. One of the instructors was a doctor in chemistry; I donít think Iíve ever tried to cram so much information into my poor head in two weeks before.
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