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My s&s 135s have slight idle haze with the conservative tuning done by Mike Dorsey at ATP. The tune I daily in tops at 2400 pulse and is a medium tune and can be Smokey if lugged. If I run the truck with the CSP5 turned all the way down and go WOT I can male 60psi of boost and barely a haze.

Personally wouldn't want to daily any bigger than current.
07.5 6.7l Mega-longbed conversion dually with 22.5s
EFI by ATP in Idaho, s364.5sxe/FI ETR s488 with V2 cover, s&s 135% overs, Hamilton springs/ pushrods and 188/220, suncoast Comp68 getting it all to the ground.

06 Jeep CRD build in progress, goal remains unknown!
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