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  • *nx*hay man i need some help. i bought petes old 2002 dodge larimie p pump conversion.its a beast of a truck. i need to contact him and ask a few questions about it since he built it. the guy i got it from dont know nothing. if u have his cell# please give me a call 334 488 5251
    Hey man I am doing a 12v 1/2ton also, was wondering what u did for a lower radiator hose. Did u use 1500 rad or 2500. I have the 1500 rad, the stock hose kinks when I put it on.
    Figured I'd ask you since I've bought some stuff from you. I'm lookin for a super b special and some 7 hole injectors.. 7x.012 or 7x.014 I like those ddp4's but they smoke a little too much for me at light throttle. I just heard that 7 hole injectors burn cleaner what do you think? Thanks.
    Would you take $800 + shipping on your 64mm turbo? I'm in a tight spot and need one fast. If you could, if you still have it. Text me at 1-740-577-2735 and maybe strike a deal
    your s480 is too big for what I'm doing....but you have a Pius Eberle turbo. I live close to him and I'm working with him to design a smaller compound setup.

    Did he setup your compounds? or did you have his turbo originally, and you completed the twins? Did you think his turbo was awesome like I've read?

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