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  • Rob,

    I just got my tunes upgraded to stock motor with a built trans, the biggest tune is a 230hp max effort. What kind of RWHP will I be looking at? This is on my 09 LMM.


    Hi.I saw your post about being able to shread the 285 if desired and I was wondering if that was done with powerbraking or just by flooring it?I ask because,while I am not looking into all out high hp,I like the ability to spin the tires at will without the added issues that come along with high hp.I did have a smarty jr and the 70 and 100 hp settings would spin the tires,in fact the 100 hp my truck was sideways for 100 feet just by putting it to the floor from a stop.I believe powerbraking to be a cheating way of spinning the tires.Thanks Nick
    Hi Idaho Rob, my Dad is wanting to get in touch with you ASAP if he can. Something about a cummins part which I know nothing about. He wanted to know if you are in Idaho Falls, he is there now. We are from Northern WI but he is hauling some trucks he just bought through the area...His cell is 715-416-0128 and his name is Jim if you can call him and try to get in touch with him...
    looking for sum input for next year pulling season efi or zues i have a 04.5 cr an not sure if efi be out by then didnt no if you have played with the zues any thks
    hey rob was curious if u could write me a tune on a truck im building has 200hp knozzles fully balanced ported head fletchers big cam 55%cp3 silver bullet 66 charger
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