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  • Hey guys I'm kinda looking for a basic tune just something that'll make my truck shift normal. The guy I bought this truck from didn't know what he was doing and I'm looking for a good smoothing shifting pretty basic tune for my 4r100. It's shifting rough and I'm in desperate need!! Thanks so much!
    Hey MO Smoke I did a search for pcs 4r100 tune and your thread came up from 2013, Iwas wondering if you could help me out. I put a 89 12v in a 2000 excursion that originally had a v10. I have tune but it was for a 5r110 orginally i believe any help would be appreciated thanks
    Thanks again and I was wondering if u could guide me a little here. I have a 12v to put in my 03 f350 6.0 auto. If something would happen where I would need to put a cr in this because of emissions,is there an adapter,flexplate,and Tc that would work on that trans for both motors. I'm pulling the trigger on this project and would like to buy parts that would work on both motors(03 cr and 94 12v). If any. If u could sell me parts,that would be great! Text/call 7406076466
    Hey I was reading your afc mod post I just out a fuel plate in mine and of course the lift pump went out when I went to start it up but I out like a number 6 in and I'm not even gettin any smoke I was thinking about removing my afc arm like you did but I'm
    Kinda confused as to how to
    Adjust the governor contact plate just move it forward
    Or back while its running till it makes contact?
    Email me your current tcu file and a data log to with a brief explanation.

    Hey Mo Smoke, I'm having PCS problems do you think you could send me in the right direction on how to diagnose/fix them? My email is Thanks man.
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