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  1. jmd025

    Sweet injectors

    Just wanted to say thanks for building me a good running set of injectors! Clean and smooth and the power is there! Truck is running good. Thanks for setting me up with the pushrods too , lol I don't believe deflection will be an issue with these!
  2. jmd025

    Thanks Jeff!

    Jeff, thanks for the parts, fast service, and speedy shipping! Youre the man. Josh
  3. jmd025

    Lbs per min calculation, compounds

    When you are calculating density ratio in order to get lbs/min for a compound setup, do you simple find the DR for the primary PR, and add it to the DR for the secondary PR? Or am I way off base? When I figured it that way the number looked somewhat correct. Thoughts?
  4. jmd025

    Ts mvp Timing advance?

    Just curious how many degrees of timing advance the MVP can add, and how it relates to dial position. Thanks Josh
  5. jmd025

    wtb hx 35 ex housing 12 or 14

    Wtb hx 35 wastegated ex housing. 12cm preferably 12v style wastegate setup Or 14 cm wastegated Thanks, josh
  6. jmd025

    wtb hx 35 ex housing 12 or 14

    Wtb hx 35 wastegated ex housing. 12cm preferably 12v style wastegate setup Or 14 cm wastegated Thanks, josh
  7. jmd025

    drive pressure question

    Doing some twin tuning, right now drive vs boost is 1.2:1 . My question is, what is an acceptable drive pressure value? How high can it go? What's normal for a 500-600 hp twin truck? Is there a max?
  8. jmd025

    NIB CPP 7X12 VCO'S. 250hp

    Got a set of Jamie's sticks, new in box. Package opened once for visual inspection. Rated @250 hp by manufacturer. $500 without cores. Negotiable with cores. PAYPAL
  9. jmd025

    MLS headgasket for vp truck

    Anybody using one? I've heard mixed reviews on how well they seal on vp trucks. Im in need of a headgasket so I was looking for the best seal for a high boost daily driver application.
  10. jmd025

    Quick AD pressure question

    Posted this on CF along with a PM with no response: Hey guys, I have an Airdog 100 system on my 02. It has held a steady 15psi at idle and cruising for well over a year now. Would pull down to 14 psi on hard accelaration. Recently, in the past month or so, It is pulling down to 11-12 psi on...
  11. jmd025


    Quadzilla XZT+ 02 harness, will adapt to 01 with new map plug. In great shape, used but not abused. Has 3000 tune loaded. $190 shipped OBO
  12. jmd025

    3rd gen HTT on 2nd gen?

    I can get a good deal on a HTT set up for a 3rd gen, What do I need to slap her on my 2nd gen. I figure the compressor housing outlet is in a different spot, the exhaust housing? What fits, what hits? Thanks guys!:Cheer:
  13. jmd025

    99 chip/tuner recommendations

    My Uncle just brought home a 99 bone stock with an auto. He wants me to recommend a chip for it. What would be the best option for some mild power that won't kill the trans? He's gonna tow his 5 th wheel with it. I'll give him the get gauges first speech. Interested in anything with built in...
  14. jmd025

    Tst Comp Max Rpm?

    TST PMCE users, whats the max this thing will fuel to? I know the site says 4500:blahblah1:. What real world RPM have you seen with it, and what if anything did you have to modify to allow it to fuel that high. Also, tell me about any rotor draining that occured! Thanks in advance guys! JM
  15. jmd025

    stacking TST comp and XZT+

    Should I hook up the TST first, and then piggy back the XZT+? Thanks Josh
  16. jmd025

    compressor surge

    anybody got a video of compressor surge? Maybe a shot of the boost gauge?:charger:
  17. jmd025

    Ts Mvp

    Hey guys, I have posted this on other forums to no avail. Does anyone has the scoop on the MVP? Does it make 100hp on a "stock" truck? Is it timing only or timing and fuel? How does it install, how is the drivability (surging?), can it be updated, possibility for custom tuning, what settings...
  18. jmd025

    next mod opinions

    I have my next mods in mind, but wanna hear some opinions. Want to go ahead and do a turbo upgrade and bigger sticks. 1) thinking about a BD super B. Thoughts? 2) how would this turbo perform with my current setup? Good spool? Max Boost? EGT reduction? 3) Mach 1.6s. Would like to go bigger...