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  1. bgreen776

    SFI 30.1 Flexplate Shield?

    Does anyone make an SFI 30.1 flexplate shield that will fit the cummins 47re/48re?
  2. bgreen776

    How many feet of tubing?

    In your roll cage, roll bar, or chassis.
  3. bgreen776

    Super Street and Pro Street Fords

    I've had my head buried in Dodges for so long I have no idea what the other brands are doing anymore. Can you guys help me list active and recently active Ford Super and Pro Street drivers/trucks. I'm curious mostly in what they are doing with their transmissions and torque converters. This...
  4. bgreen776

    Tractor Fluid? How about Compressor Oil?

    One of the long time racers stopped by our pit this weekend and suggested that we try using Compressor Oil in our transmission to help keep from burning up torque converter clutches. He mentioned that many of the high HP powerglide guys are running compressor oil. After talking to a few other...
  5. bgreen776

    Build - 9 second drag truck #racegreen

    This build will happen over the next year or two, so please be patient, offer your opinions and experiences, and follow along. :) I want to hear what you have to say. This truck starts out with a 2002 Dodge 1500 2wd single cab short bed. Our goal is to build a drag racer that will run 9's and...
  6. bgreen776

    Tailgate or no tailgate?

    Do you run the 1/4 mile (or 1/8 mile) with or without your tailgate? Have you proven to yourself your chosen method is better than the alternative?
  7. bgreen776

    Common Rail Dodge fuel return - go big?

    Have you experienced or seen an application that needed an over stock fuel return line? I just installed a second raptor 150, which do not have a return line like the air dogs, and am considering tapping in an additional return line. Thoughts?
  8. bgreen776

    DIY Catch Can System

    Catch Can system in progress One under vacuum for the crankcase and one under atmospheric pressure for the other fluids.
  9. bgreen776

    Front sway bar - worth the weight?

    In the never ending analysis of all things race related, I have come to question the usefulness of my front swaybar in a 1/4 mile drag race. I have also been thinking about installing one in the rear as well. My thoughts are that I should keep the front one and add one to the rear. Any...
  10. bgreen776

    How to post/embed a youtube video

    A quick instructional on how to embed a video. Go to your youtube page and click the "Share" tab. Once on the share tab, copy the link it shows. Click the link button above the message field. Paste the link to your video in the dialog box The resultant code will look like this...
  11. bgreen776

    Instructional - How to post/embed a video

    delete good to delete now
  12. bgreen776

    Passing Tech - Aftermarket axles?

    Have you had trouble in tech when running under 10.99 with stock full floating axle shafts, or is everyone actually running aftermarket axles? :Cheer:
  13. bgreen776

    Stall Speed data log illustration - should I run a higher stall?

    Attached is a data log I recorded during my best run last year. It illustrates flash stall and brake stall fairly well, or at least I think it does. (I'm no expert) The converter is an ATS 5 Star stock stall (1800) The engine is a stock 5.9 with a 66/484 setup, UDC tuning, and 65lpm injectors...
  14. bgreen776

    Fitting an SRT10 bumper cover/bumper delete

    My stock bumper had a nice dent in it, and it was heavy (75lbs), so I bought a bumper cover. This is how I mounted it. All materials are Aluminum. Some 1x.125 angle, 3/8 bar stock, 1/4 bar stock, and some 3x.187 angle. I started out with the bare cover and bent up a length of 3/8 bar stock to...
  15. bgreen776

    Pro Street 4 link for a daily driver?

    I've built many different styles of 4 link suspension, for front and rear suspensions, but never a "parallel" 4 link with a watts or panhard. I am trying to get into the high 10's without making any more HP, (ran an 11.04 backed up by and 11.06 this year) and traction and...
  16. bgreen776

    Post race inspection/shakedown/check list

    I'm curious what people actually check out after a race weekend, or maybe even just one day of racing. Like mikmaze said, 11 second full size trucks are going to really put the whoop on themselves. I came up just a hair shy of running 10's this summer because I never re-torqued my exhaust...
  17. bgreen776

    Launch Analysis

    A few small things could have put me in the 10's last weekend, the easiest for me to accomplish on my own would be traction bars/ladder bars/4 link. This video shows a series of launches from 18-25 psi on some Nitto 420S 305/50R20's at 30-25 ish psi in the front, and 18 in the rear. Shocks are...
  18. bgreen776

    Pre-Raceweekend prep - Getting ready for setting a track record and personal best

    What are some things you do that newbs like me might not think of in preparation for the upcoming race weekend. I want to have as much crap done as I can before I have to leave for the track this Friday. Trailer prep: Absorb, trash bags, diapers, rags, cleaners (solvents and soaps), wiring...
  19. bgreen776

    Getting slow - bringing her back to reality on the big end

    I had a very exciting run this weekend. I made one slow warm up pass, then one nice and easy 10 psi launch on a soft tune, ran 11.8 at 120 or so. Soon as I hit the brakes I got the most terrifying death wobble I've ever experienced. Bad enough that it blurred my vision! I had my Nitto 420's at...
  20. bgreen776

    What liquids go in to your catch can?

    What fluids do you have going into your catch can? I put a 360* loop in both differential vents, so they aren't going into my catch can, and I haven't been busted yet. (fingers crossed) My power steering has an OEM cap - not vented into my catch can Brake reservoir - nope, not going into my...