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    Steel pistons

    Hey guys, just dropping a line that our new 6.7l steel pistons are ready to sell. After 4 years, and countless revisions they are complete. Tested to just shy of 3,000hp, 5 dyno runs from 3-5k and a long hold at 5,500 back to back with no failures. 180 grams lighter than an oem aluminum piston...
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    diesel fights cancer

    Helping Hannah fight cancer could win you a ton of go fast parts. Over 38k in prizes. Every 10GBP ( she lives in London) gets you an entry...drawing on the 31st of December. List of prizes to follow. Almost 50 prizes donated but only like 30 people entered so far. DIESEL FIGHTS CANCER -...
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    spring build sale

    Hey guys, got a few things on sale for your spring builds. Call in orders only Comp Blocks and solid blocks, buy one at regular price get a free 6.7 race crank 6.7l street head package $2599 (normally $3499) new 6.7l head, 1.5" valves 103 springs fire ringed if you want with free fire ring...
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    Spring build sale

    Now until the end of the month, all call ins receive 15% if you mention "spring build sale" all products, cam, springs, Blocks, 6.7l heads, BBi injectors.. all of it!
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    black Friday phone in orders only

    103 springs and 12mm 24v pushrods normally $585 now $339 Race crankshafts 6.7l stroke $699 normally $1499 Comp Blocks, need to be bored and clearanced for crankshaft $4999 normally $5999 High tensile 300MPA 6.7l blocks with 5.9 bore. perfect for high hp street builds, $2500, normally 3999 12v...
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    Black Friday

    Everything we carry 15% off for black Friday. Also buy a set of IFG 12mm or 14mm studs for your 24valve and get a free fire ring gasket. Use code BLACK15 or just call the office and talk to Mitch or Clint. Or my cell is 1-512-525-3628. Zach
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    Competition parts sale

    Hey Guys, so we are about to release a few competition parts. Before we release them to our dealers, I figured I would do a soft release here first and give you guys a chance to get some deals. The sale is for this week only! These are not listed on the website nor will they. After this week...
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    4th of july sale on all products!

    Hey guys from now until the 8th to celebrate the 4th, 15% off everything in the store use code: 4th. have a chill 4th... Zach
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    Hamilton Cams Flash Sale

    We are trying to make room for incoming inventory, we will be doing this sale from 07/30 - 08/03. Solid blocks are 10% off on preorders 12 Valve Head loaded $2399 with free Oring/Fire Ring
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    block updates

    Well, December was a humbling end to a humbling year. When designing a block, regardless of the best ideas, there is still a bit of trial and error. Long story short, we have 12 blocks inbound. They are deckplated and have oem deckheight. They should be all kinds of strong. I can see these...
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    Black friday.

    Black Friday Sale prices are listed on the site now. The day of, there might be a few more sales spring up....
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    Cast wet 24v heads are finally here

    We are testing them this week.
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    Cams are shipping

    Our order of cast cams finally came in. Also our 62mm steel roller grinds will be shipping in 3-4 weeks. I apologize for the extended lead times
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    Cost effective duramax heads

    Would you pay $2,000 for a pair of loaded performance duramax heads? It looks like the Duramax crowd demands to pay top dollar. What say you ?
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    your thoughts please....

    We are looking at releasing custom and oem replacement crankshafts for the 5.9l/6.7l (4.724"/4.880") as well as releasing a 5.00" stroker crank. Anybody interested in the 5.00" stroke? I'm thinking the 5" stroke, 4.3" bore block with our new CR head would make quite a torque monster for you...
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    2017 sale

    Get your winter build going with 20% off anything we make Jan. 3rd-7th. Blocks, heads, anything we make. Phone in retail orders only.
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    Here is what the competition will copy in 2017....

    For those companies who do not have a R&D budget, don't worry..... Buy our new products and save all that time on the dyno and wasted money. We finally have a steady supply of our new war head and our street head. As well as our New solid 6.7l Cummins block. With the heads flowing well at...
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    Cams are shipping

    178-208 and 188-220s are in stock and shipping again. 194-220s 182-214 and 207-220s will be shipping in 1-2 weeks. We have limited quantities...... Zach
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    04.5-05 auto 4wd wiring harness

    I recently bought a hunting rig that has been running funny. Long story short, it needs an engine wiring harness. Dodge no longer carries them. Anybody have a harness laying around. If so, text me at 1-512-525-3628. Cheers, Zach
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    rate of injection, injected quantity, timing and politics.

    image_zpsvxtfyvo0.jpeg Photo by zacheryhamilton | Photobucket Above is a comparison of one of our profiles compared to a stock p-7100 cam. The bottom graph is a representation of lift vs crank angle and the graph above that is a representation of how fast the lifter is moving at any given lift...