5.7 Hemi removal


Oughta Know Better
Apr 4, 2011
Has anyone had to remove a late model 5.7 out of a 1500?? I'm in the middle of doing one and am finding that the drivers side engine mount is also the front diff mount, which also bolts to the torque converter!

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Whoops sorry. The drivers side mount bolts to engine block, down to differential, and then sweeps back and also bolts to the bell housing!

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:hehe: I was enjoying that one! They sure know how to shoehorn those engines in nowadays.
Thankfully I was wrong about the one piece design. The long tube headers and their zip ties holding stuff away from them hid the junction of the two pieces. Once I removed the header I could see how it all worked. The rear bracket bolts thru the engine mount to the front diff with the three bolts pictured and then bolt 2x to the bell housing

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Hemi powa

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