ATS Aurora 2k compounds vs HE351 w/67mm turbine.


Aug 22, 2012
I am looking to do compounds on my motorhome. 275hp 24v. right now I have a BD manifold and a HE351 with a 67mm turbine wheel and a tst powermax. The plan was to add a standard T6 K31.

My dad has an early ATS compound setup that he had for his 06 Cummins that he gave me. Big turbo looks like the aurora5000 (K31 with the ATS turbine housing) From what I understand the small turbo is an Aurora 2000. I don't think they used this turbo for very long. the turbine measures 63/72 and the compressor inducer is 55mm.

Now I need to figure out what combination to run. I will probably use the Aurora 5000 but not sure whether to use the Aurora 2000 or HE351.

At some point I will probably go to a little bigger injector. Not looking for crazy hp, mostly looking for a little lower EGTs especially at elevation while we flat tow a 7500 lb Excursion. A little better spool would be nice too.


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I would run those ATS as is. Should be a GREAT quick spooling set that will support 450hp easily!

If the piping fits, I would use all the ats kit. If its a mess put a he341 with your k31.
Buddy of mine had that exact set on a 01.

He had a side job delivering boats an RVs, they were perfect for that role. And the truck was pretty quick by itself.
The aurora 2000 seems to have a good bit of drag when I spin it by hand. Does anyone know what this turbo is if I end up needing to rebuild it? It has been sitting for 10 plus years so maybe a soak in some oil will come first but it still makes me nervous.
If it doesn't have any in and out play on the compressor wheel, and isn't touching the housing. Run it, will be fine.
It's just an S300G with their turbine housing, that turbo should handle up to 450hp pretty comfortably.