EFI Autocal questions


Knowledge Seeker
May 12, 2018
I have a EFI Autocal which I purchased through my tuner, has a tow tune on it now and are happy with it, but have a question about it. I know I could ask the tuner, but hate bugging him with small details and a ton of questions.

1. Can I add more tunes to it or is it only capable of one tune through the tuner?

2. I am, like I say, very happy with the tuners tune, but if I ever wanted to get another tune through another person for the same truck is it locked to where only the original tuner has to add more tunes?

3. Do I need to purchase a license everytime I add a tune to it then??

Thanks for educating me!!:thankyou2:
Your original tuner you bought the autocal from would have to be willing to give you the password for it. You can get 5 different tunes, or sometimes only 3 different tunes on your autocal, and add a dps5 switch and change tunes on the fly.
You can get as many tunes as you'd like. They can store on a computer and then drop into the autocal when ever you want too. The issue with an autocal is that it is locked to the tuners hardware and other tuners cannot tune for it unless it is unlocked from the original tuner. This can be done remotely and most don't charge for the service. Once it is unlinked, then it will be linked to the new tuners hardware and you will not be able to go back and use the original tuners tunes.