Greg A


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Aug 3, 2008
Anyone know who built the engine that grenaded on the Dyno at 2600?
I'm trying to remember, but I'm guessing factory block or Hamilton block (if there are any around any more). Flux Injectors. Wondering if he is using a Hamilton head as well. He started a thread on here when he first hit 3000 it might have detailed what he was doing.

Josh McCormick I know for sure runs a factory block that's deck plated and has made around 2800 last year at ucc.

I know the some of the pulling world and some of drag racing guys are using billet block and are making multiple runs/pulls on them, but are they fulling standing up to hype? I'm genuinely asking and not thinking one way or the other.
Epling pulled a couple of big numbers but they evidently cracked the block and are going to a wagler engine. I thought those guys were cool. They parked close to me at Nashville Cars n Coffee, I struck up and conversation and quickly figured out the truck they drove in had more horsepower than anything else there that day.