Harmon-Kardan sound system in my ‘22


Dec 12, 2013
Bought a basically new (to me anyways) ‘22 3500 Laramie with the premium 17 speaker (I believe) stereo system. Sounds fantastic but no sound is coming from the door speakers…..only super muffled words….at best. Anyone else had this issue? No matter what I try, can’t get sound from them. Even did a factory reset on the screen, and nothing. I’d like to avoid the dealership if I can.
If both sides are doing it, I would say bad circuitry on the amp
Probably too new of a truck to have issues with wires through the door boots.....but could have got damaged during assembly. That's typically where I start for door speaker issues. Is it one side or both sides? If it's both, then I"m with biggy. Check the amp and make sure connectors are seated good.