How to make power c15 bridge motor


Sep 21, 2013
hey everyone, looking at buying a freightliner century with a C15 bridge motor. want to make some power out of it for sled pulling and just a sunday cruiser, having problems online on finding parts to juice it up, totally new to this area for making power even though I work on them everyday. haha. different world... anyways, any help would be appreciated!!!

thanks in advance!:cool:
Look at pdi. Also pm jfaulkner on here.

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Bridge motor is only a few parts away from 800hp, theyre not some rare unicorn like engine that only wizards and warlocks know how to get power out of.
thanks guys!! greatly appreciate the help!!!:D:Cheer:
Cam is junk, turbo is really junk and injectors aren't the best flowing but are useable. You can do everything in stages if you don't want to dump the money right away and most parts can be bought from any Cat dealer. ECM tuning is your first step (PM for details.)

800hp Cat cam 130-9710, there is a 1000hp cam but unless you're goal is 1000hp there is no advantage over the 800 and some trucks idle rough with them.

"58's" injectors 10R-0958 which are about as big as you can practically go and actually still work the truck. 10R-0959H are known as "59's" but are hot smokey pigs and require a gauge babysitter. I can get you a custom worked matched set extrude honed for a little extra $$$ but they run awesome and idle smooth.

The stock MBN turbo is a complete pile and I'll bet you $100 your exhaust housing is cracked. Thanks to the crap EPA tuning they run high EGT's and it murders everything especially fuel mileage. 4mpg isn't uncommon out of those stock.

Those are all stock Cat part numbers. The 58's were used in certain truck engines so you can get them sometimes cheaper at a truck dealer. The 800hp cam is a marine part (same with the 1000hp version) and is always cheaper directly from Cat. I've never had a problem turning a good MBN cam back in for a core but it's all up to your dealer. If its flaked it's basically a mailbox post and you'll have to eat the core charge.

ECM tuning basically the sky is the limit. You can have a stock 550hp 6NZ file, a 600hp 7CZ file, a slightly modded 7CZ file. Or you can go custom all the way to max fuel and 3000 RPM. Your only limited by your checkbook and your final goal for the truck.:Cheer: