hx52 on a 6.7


Apr 30, 2010
I have a hx 55 of a dd15 that measures the same as the hx 52 with 70x84 turbine wheel & 67mm compressor inducer. I just pulled my 5.9 out & put a 6.7 engine in my truck & found the turbine wheel on my gtx3582r coming apart again. Does any one have any experience with this size turbo holiest on a 6.7. How soon will it spool? I do tow with this truck, I'm using my electronics & flux 2 injectors in the engine, I now use hp tuners for tuning. I left my cam in my 5.9, hope I don't regret that. It is a stock 6.7 long block. It will have dual cp3 pumps & a complete intake elbow & has a banks inner cooler & banks double shoot water meth injection system. Had to use the water meth system as just a water injection to try & control egts with the garrett, I have checked & cannot find a straight answer on how quick these engine will spool a 66mm. want to get this running but not ready for twins. I have a t4 manifold & the turbo has the t4i. I can machine this to a t 4 with my mill if needed. Does anyone know of a better turbine housing option that is cheap? Thanks for any help, I don't want to pay for another 3582 cartage, and all I have is the 351VE & no controller, 2 341's A gtx4202r & a gtx2860r. the hx55 looks like the most best fit for what I have.
The dd15 hx55 is the same as an hx52 dimensionally on the wheel side. The only difference internally is the hx55 has two spaced exhaust seals, hx52 has two seals in the same groove. The hx55 has a pretty tight exhaust housing (11cm if I am remembering correct) but I believe it is a bit of an oddball flange as you mentioned. There aren't any better turbine options unfortunately. Aside from making some custom. custom and cheap aren't hand in hand, though obviously.

It should run reasonably well. The only unknown is how it will respond with that exhaust housing. The hx52 is a 16cm so it is a big jump down in size.
Yea custom isn't cheap but I have my own mill & lathe. I can do most of my own machine work my self. The housing has 11 stamped inside of both volutes in the turbine housing. I thought that meant they where added together.
Put it on and run it! Let us k ow how it does. Dont be shy to be the guy providing information.
What info are you after op? You aren't going to get much insite from anybody running one.
I ran a hx52 on my 12v for about a year. With 35s 3.55s towing in od would get hot on any incline if you did 70 @1750 drive by the pyro. Would have to leace OD off in the mountains. Made 60psi and was fun to drive. The 6.7 should spool it much better and 3.73 with a smaller tire would help out towing cause it would have a bit more rpm.
My biggest question is when will it spool & can I tow with it. I don't mind to try something new but if it's been done & does not work I don't want to waste my time. Gasoline sucks thanks for the information. sounds like egt's may be a problem while towing.
The 6.7 will spool much better and you have much more tuneability than the old springs and fixed timing on 12v. I think you will be fine. Just use tow haul and atleast 1800 stall converter.
It is nearly impossible to say "if you can tow".

I wouldn't put it on if you expect it to be a great all around performer. It may do well. It does have a much tighter housing than a traditional hx52. However, it is still a turbocharger designed to hang on a 15L engine at the end of the day.
An 11cm housing is tiny. Would tow fine. Mine was 16cm on a smaller engine with a head that won't flow. You will be fine.
Thanks again my truck is a 6 speed & staying out of overdrive isn't a problem but spool up is due to having to spool during shifts. I wish the he451ve had not give out on me. It did good on the 5.9 I believe it would be great on the 6.7. If i do try it I'll post the information.
I'd run it as well. There are quite a few turbine housing options for that turbo as Holset made the HX55's and HX52's in a bunch of different configurations. I've seen 11cm non-gated, 13cm gated, 16cm gated and non-gated, and 23cm non-gated. 16cm non-gated seems to be the most popular. Exhaust housings are interchangeable between the two so long as they have the same 84/70 turbine. Just to double check, last night I swapped exhaust housings; a 16cm wastegated housing off of an HX52 with an HX55 identical to yours. The 16cm gated housing fit right up. I'd think you'd want to look into an external wastegate setup if you run the 11cm housing. So CHEAPEST option IMO would either be to just order up a used genuine Holset gated 16cm housing, or machine an BW S400 housing to fit it. Seems like here in the last year there have been a hand full of guys with 6.7s' who have acquired 52s' and 55s', ask about whether they'll work or not, and then never try it or never post back their results. I say give it a whirl and let us know!
Been years since I ran this. I did install the hx55 after I modified the 11cm turbine housing. I actually welded up the inside of the housing and port matched it to a t3 2nd gen manifold. I also welded a thick block to the housing and installed a 30mm external waste gate dead center of the housing so I could relieve both volutes. I machined the rear flange to accept an hx40 down pipe and tapered the exhaust housing at 15 deg to match the down pipe. Long story short best turbo I ever ran. That thing spoofed at 15-1600 rpm without hesitation hard and would hold 50 psi in the intake from 1750-3800. It always had positive pressure in the intake I ran a digital boost controller and it never showed less than .2 psi even at idle.I blew the head gasket about 2 years later and replaced it. When I did also up my injectiors to bbi stage 2 72% over’s I started having problems with the s/b dual disk clutch slipping the day I got it running. I turned it back some with h/p tuners and drove for a fuel mouths till I finally dynoed it. In 2019. I have looked everywhere for that sheet but can’t find it. The truck peaked at 611h/p. After that I switched to a street triple clutch and compound turbos. She 364.5-73mm turbine and 14cm housing on a t3 with sx480. Had to cut massive amounts of fuel below 2000 to control smoke but it ran good and made more power above 2000 when the 480 hit. Just lost the 480 2 weeks ago and thinking of ditching the 364 and going back to the hx55. On a compound setup.
For high altitude above 5000' elevation 6.7 Commonrail build, I really liked the response, clean smoke control, excellent towing manners, and peak power potential of a Borg 467 T4 0.90 fed by a 98mm GTX55 1.0 T6. This setup was built without a wastegate and it drove incredibly well! The only complaint is drive pressure was fairly high above 3500 RPM on the 1500 HP tune. The problem with 1500 HP at low RPM is the torque is so high, it's violently abusive to tires, axles, drive shafts, transmission hard parts, etc.

I think any S300 based charger is too small for compounds on a 6.7 engine unless you're building a 1200 RPM tow mule and shooting for 500 or less HP.