Injection Pump fuel adjustment for Mercedes Diesels, Bosch M and RW governors

have removed mufflers on 2 SDs, 1st one made a mistake by routing the straight pipe out the driver side rear door, it sounds good but after a while it gave me a head ache.
2nd car going out to right side, still pretty loud.
my current SD think of removing the 2 kidney boxes, since there's a small hole on the elbow area, just cant repair her. When hole gets a bit bigger i do need to do something.
w/out mufflers is not all that bad since it has a turbo to quiet down the noise.
the 1st car has a broken down pipe and noise wasnt all bad, tried to save $ i just had the dude install the short pipe.
even with no gain, a short pipe does feel more responsive though.
I tried to unscrew the ALDA to the top, it does max out the boost , soon as I floor a little bit, black smokes dumps out. It also raise the idle RPM too. just have to adjust the idle down a bit.
i said if to adjust the rack screw it can raise the HP a bit, how much u think it can gain in if done?
The stock eng says 125 HP.

Installing an aftermarket "cold" air intake, installing a larger diameter exhaust and/or removing the mufflers will produce a 0hp change in power. The only change they will produce is noise.
i said if to adjust the rack screw it can raise the HP a bit

A "bit" is right, its not worth the time to open the pump unless you remove the rack limiter entirely. It only controls 20hp of fuel.

Installing an aftermarket "cold" air intake
Complete waste of time. The stock cold air intake has more than enough airflow capacity to support the stock turbo's flow capability without restriction.
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Tormentor, I just bought a 83 300SD and plan to tune it for more power. Is there any point in trying to get a M pump for it? Or is the MW pump just as good or better?
Good day all -
I am new to the site, so have no background on who's who, but I found the site looking for M pump adjustment information. The original post by Tormentor looked to contain useful information, but the photos are no longer available. Is there any way to obtain those photos so that I can follow the discussion about pump adjustments? I have an OM603.931, the naturally aspirated version. Good start, reasonable idle but no power at all... therefore my quest for pump adjustment information. The pump arrived "rebuilt"... but I guess that could mean almost anything. Any help appreciated here. Thanks!

This thread is a bit over ten years old. Back then, pics were hosted on another website like Photobucket, and the URL for the pic was posted here. The pics weren't actually on the forum. I imagine most of the posters in this thread are no longer active and the URL's for the pics are probably gone, too. I know when PB started charging I quit using them.
Thanks Scott - appreciate the response. I've also run into Photobucket issues in the past. I was hoping someone would have those photos either linked somewhere else or downloaded....
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