ISO 4-Cylinder Non-Perkins Cat Specs and P-pump'd Engine Info

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Aug 19, 2011
Does anyone on here know all or most of the four-bangers Cat made before buying Perkins out? If you do and you have access to engine specs such as hp and torque curves, dimensions, and weight, I'd be very greatful. I've tried to look them up and haven't had much luck.

Also, I have been trying to find out some of the four- and six-cyinder engines Cat made with inline-piston (p-pump) style injection pumps. I know the 3406s had em, but I'm interested in learning about the smaller engines. Thanks!
3304, 3204, 3114 are a few off the top of my head. 3300 are older larger IDI engines. 3200 slightly newer (70s) direct injection. 3100 are MEUI of that vintage if i recall correctly. I've got Cat SIS at work. if you tell me exactly what you want, I can probably find it.
Thanks! I just need engine data sheets with the power output specs, dimensions, and power curves ideally. I've seen one or two of those, but not all of em. I'm not really interested in the 3100 series. I don't have the tooling to set the fuel rack. Isn't the 3304 very heavy for it's size? The 3204 seems like the best bet. It is a decent size dimensionally, but I don't know the hp or torque curves or the weight.
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Yes the 3300s are boat anchors. I'll see what I can find

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I am not tryin to thread jack at all, and apologize 0 Xero 0 but this subject peaked my interest and thoughts came to me that i have been wondering about recently lol. Ive also been thinkin bout the Cats and i believe we possibly have the same idea? Maybe? Lol
But i am interested to see if there is a cat equivalent of the 6BT? I got to looking at one in a 320D trackhoe and just thought about how nice it would be in a half ton pickup like the cummins :)
The one i looked at looks to be physically about the same but not 100% sure. It was rated at 120hp and that isnt an issue as i just want one for a daily driver half ton with possibly pretty good fuel milage. And the "coolness" factor to of course!!
If there is a thread on this type subject already I would greatly appreciate the direction to it. Thanks, hi jack over :)

Go BIG Or Go Home!! ?
I always wanted to do same thing like this too. Never really found anything close to a 6BT, in weight or decent power rating.

Maybe a C7?
The C7 or C-7 ACERT? The C7 has the HEUI system and was used up until 2010. The ACERT line has what I believe to be the only way EGR should have been designed--clean exhaust from post-DPF is put through the EGR cooler rather than dirty fuel like other manufacturers use. My shop foreman, who worked on cat engines for a good number of years told me the 3204 is very heavy, too heavy for what I want to use it for. He also said the 3100s aren't as bad to set the rack on as everyone makes them out to be as long as you're meticulous and have the tools (he can get them...). That line also has the HEUI system and the 3126 is the precursor to the C7.
3100 aren't bad to do. Forget setting them with used rack components. Incredible waste of time. Great midrange engines though.
3204 and 3304 have to be in the same ballpark dimensionally. The biggest changes being the absence of precombustion chambers and counterbalance shafts on the 3300 series.
One of the perkipillars ran an inline Delphi pump that was also used on some Cummins 300 HP applications. The 320d seems correct for that. They were removed under PIP because of excessive smoke when cold.
The Perkins 6.6 dimensionally would come close to a B model but nowhere near as robust.

3126 are bad for breaking rings. The later revisions WAX, KAL, HEP, SEP like to shed metal from the heui. The pump subsequently fails after contaminating the injectors.
most have made it past this.
Those encompass the early acert.
The C7S isn't bad, its the only regen system that worked for cat on highway
The injection pumps have a high failure rate, even on the last revision of part number. They are not serviceable without CAT ET.
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A mechanic I used to work with was all about putting a 3126 or 76, I forget the differences right off, in a Chevy, don't know if he ever did but he thought it would be a good thing.
3176 is a ten liter engine, I doubt it was that one.

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