Melting_pistons 2.0 build thread

We took some time to set in a core engine just for mock up purposes to start running lines, making mounts, etc, while waiting on the engine to come back from machining


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We also made the decision to put a mid plate in the truck. Fleece makes a nice looking one. You have to machine the adapter plate 1/4” to make up for the thickness of the plate, machine the dowels deeper, then also make new dowels. We did this and started working on the install tonight.
To make sure everything was aligned we sat the motor back in the factory mounts and put a trans case/crossmember in to verify fitment. It seems like the midplate was cut about 1/2” off from being centered, because we had to trim about that much off of the drivers side, leaving a gap on the passenger side. With that being the case, we made the decision to make it a bolt in midplate instead of welded.


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Started getting parts in for the fuel side of things. Went with a cheapo 5gallon evil energy cell for now. It has 10an ports

I ordered the replacement screw on style cap, because screw these cheesy ones they come with.

Also, one of the top fittings I’m running a dual 8an into single 10an outlet into the tank. This will be a single 8an for the lift pump and another coming from the engine for the other returns.

On the other side, I drilled the fitting out completely (did away with it) and mounted a rollover vent in the tank. I didn’t like the thought of having the other end of the fitting open to atmosphere because I was worried about fuel potentially sloshing out of the fitting.. so I got another rollover valve and modified it to act more as a “check valve”… I put a spring on the top side of the ball with just enough pressure to keep it seated, but with very little effort you can crack the seat, so it will still function as a vent. I’m sure they make other check type vent fittings, but this was cheap enough that I just made do with what I’ve got.

Also included a pic of the rollover valve disassembled so you can kind of get an idea what I’m talking about. 6534443C-8F82-447E-B584-EB720F9DA5A2.jpeg