New engine build Scania DC1601 for our semi truckpuller.

HortiPower Scania R500 the fresh VTN 8.5 ton XL champion 2023
At the beginning of the year a Baldur DID1 diesel ECU system was built into this truck to allow the engine to do what is needed for truck pulling. Power from this Scania V8 gets no point. Cut paste MVJ2 supersport truck. With this slightly more modern engine, the first generation fully electronic engine, I think you have an advantage in that it can achieve slightly more engine performance with a limited amount of intake air through the 42mm inlet retricktor and I think you can get even more out of it with a modern common rail engine. but what I really like about this 8.5 ton XL class is that gaining grip and finding balance is much more important than having a lot of power, so the opportunities are much more equal in this class.

[ame=""]HortiPower Scania R500 VTN 8.5 ton XL champion 2023 Truckpulling - YouTube[/ame]
We have done it again with Semi Truck Race Team Worldwide truck racing
Driver Ryan Smith and his team where dominating the UK championship for 8 years in a row now.
The team has my D26E6A+ race engine. The most power full engine in the pack but like so many race engines you need to maintain it and stay on top of it replacing parts in time and go over a ton of engine data log data just looking for abnormalities. All I can say it takes teamwork to get this done and get it all work together.

Bit of bad luck as well for runner up NR7 truck Team Oliver Racing aslo running D26E6A+ race engine.
Yesterday having a DNF in the firs race missing the second race as well unable to hold 2e place in the championship.

[ame=""]BARC LIVE | Brands Hatch | November 5th 2023 - YouTube[/ame]
André Turcotte This one was unstoppable for the 2023 championship. 1st place Bobtail and 1st place Charger
CAT power. Our ECM done well this year on this Truck. Also many thanks to Danny Sammons for all the support given.
Why did this work so well. Simple the ECM and engine set-up did it all. No massive fuel on this set-up. Less is more and Danny Sammons understand this as well running a load of test on his Semi. Still want to come over to US and Canada to get to know this game in real live but family conditions did prevent me for coming over this year.

[ame=""]André Turcotte VS Patrick Boutin - YouTube[/ame]
Challenge 255 2023 André Turcotte - YouTube
Testing a John Deere RG6081 on our engine test ECU. Not lot of time to post things working on other project and building CAT ECM for motor sport use.

[ame=""]Testing a John Deere RG6081 on our engine test ECU - YouTube[/ame]
Project Mercedes Unimog with conversion to OM904 or OM906 engine that we will run on a Baldur DID1 ECU, but why?
The target. Modernizing a number of Mercedes Unimogs, fuel consumption and reliability in combination with the option to run on normal diesel or vegetable diesel.
Easy installation, proven concept. We use the original ECU housing with plugs from these engines as a loop box to operate all engine functions and in this way we can place the Baldur DID1 ECU high and dry in the cabin. A Mercedes Unimog can have a 12V or 24V system, this also does not matter as we have the Baldur DID1 ECU in 12V & 24V variant.
If you are in Truck Racing. 1e win in already in A division but still many races to come.

Combined effort where race driver and me as a engine builder team-up going over the data find just that sweet spot to get that faster lap time. Working with race teams that are multiple champions having very capable talented race drivers that are able to adapt there driving style make it all work. The this year D26E6A+ race engine has faster turbo response and that sounds all good but as a race driver you need to adapt to get the best benefit from is.

[ame=""]BARC LIVE | Brands Hatch | March 31st 2024 - YouTube[/ame]
Just a day in office having fun testing
[ame=""]Testing a V12 MAN engine 670Kw or 911.2Hp on the Dyno running on a Baldur DLS1 ECU Bosch EDC P pump. - YouTube[/ame]
Baldur DID1 ECU for Mack MP series Volvo D series Euro5 Renault DXI.

Cylinder imbalance detection. I turned off cylinder Nr2 fuel in this clip and your able to see this in the gauge menu under Cylinder Balance 1 to 8 or in the data log that the engine is not running well. Great tool for performance monitoring or trouble shooting.
[ame=""]Baldur DID1 ECU for Mack MP series Volvo D series Euro5 Renault DXI engines. - YouTube[/ame]