What size tractor??

Dad tried to talk me into zero turn. I have a riding mower for right around the house. Property has about 3 acres fenced that I want to use finish mower for. Looking for tractor so I can run roto tiller garden. Blade driveway. And if had to brush hog neighbors land if they need help.

IF you were just mowing, a zero turn is the way to go. Even for larger brush 2" diameter and under can be chewed up by a commercial zero turn.

But for other odd jobs and use of a front end loader, you'll want a utility tractor. We have a neighbors kubota 3200 4wd utility tractor that is parked at our place due his wife not wanting it in their yard or building. He uses it few times a year to mow at dear lease. I use it for dirt work mostly. It's a hydrostatic transmission, which I have never been a fan of. But let me say, for box blade work, that hydrostatic sure is nice.

However, that kubota tractor definitely doesn't have the balls/torque of an equivalent horsepower tractor from the 90's.
That's what I was worried about. Guess I'm just to old school. I prefer a manual transmission, not a fan of hydro transmissions.
Local dealership has a 1997 MF 231 with 900 hrs. Asking $6200. Is this too much? It's a clean machine.
Local dealership has a 1997 MF 231 with 900 hrs. Asking $6200. Is this too much? It's a clean machine.

Is it at Heritage Tractor? If so, that appears to be a pretty clean tractor. Price seems to be fair in my opinion, as long as you could negotiate a padded seat in the deal:hehe:
Yes it is at heritage tractor. Dealer is only 30 minutes from me. Of course I would get a new seat throwed in.
Wouldn't be interested in selling your 395 with both mowers would you?

Sorry not interested in selling. It also has a loader which I use often enough and also loan it out to family once in a while. I will keep my eyes peeled locally and let you know if I find anything.
I bet that 231 at your local dealership doesn’t sit on the lot very long.

The tractor dealers I pass by are slim on tractors, much like the automotive dealerships. Kubota ran a radio add to come in and pre-order your new tractor today.
thats alotta tracotr for the work ya wanna do..i agree..never big enough..but i have a bx2300 and it will do all of what yer asking and more with a loader..its a one size does all unt..
the hydro on mine has been flawless...it mowed 50 ac wih 4 ft bushhog too...and drags the pastures..i have a 5210 jd now also so i dont need it for all that but with a center deck at 72'' kubota mows pretty well too...one machine does it all..unless ya really doing something heavy..it wont lift a round bale
I'd get a power reverser.

This seems to be the modern day reliable transmission for tractors. I see them often in different brands. Only driven one with power reverser, it was nice. It's also nice not grinding gears all the time when shifting forward to reverse often.

I wouldn't be scared of the power reverser.