Winch Help? Won't power reverse

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Oct 8, 2006
I have an older SE12000 Mile Marker winch that hasn't been willing to power reverse in a long time. It will sometimes spin just a fraction of a turn almost as if it binds and wont spin. Usually this gives me enough slack to release the clutch and free spin, but not always and with the clutch release being plastic I'm amazed I haven't broken it over the years.

I've bought a new remote, had a starter rebuilder buddy check the electric motor and he saw nothing wrong, and used this video ( Rewiring and Troubleshooting a Warn M8000 Winch - Part 1 - YouTube )to completely issolate the electric motor from the solenoids and jump it from a 12V battery and it does the same exact thing. It will pull in perfectly fine with remote and when bypassing the solenoids, I just used it yesterday to pull a utility trailer and a F550 up a muddy hill (seperately) but once we got the 550 to the top of the hill we had to hook another truck to it and get tension off my winch so I could release the clutch and reposition.

Anyone ever come across this?


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Have you pulled the cover to look at the planetary?

No I have not I started too one time and put the cover back on. I wanted to find my owners manual so I could have the assembly diaghram. Its on my to-do list along with 1000 other things.

I have it now and it has a complete parts list, but am worried I'll find a broken gear/etc and Milemarker wont be any help at all on getting a replacement because of its age.