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  • I was wondering if you could help me. 2005 Dodge with 48re. The trucks not wanting to shift out of 1st gear unless the truck gets up to about 2300 rpms. The check engine light is on. I have codes p1753, and p1751. I've changed the ttva out with a new one and still have the same problem and code. After changing it, I did the ecm relearn thing with the key on for 30 seconds. I even tried taking the ecm fuse out with the key on and off sequence. Codes are still there. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
    I hear your a trans guy...I need some HELP diagnosing a 47re issue. You can contact me at 859-327-7441. Please contact me...*47re Bd diesel tow/street trans* Bill
    You do not need to upgrade your valve springs 60 # is plenty for 4ks, if you do not have upgraded hats and keepers I suggest you get them,iv heard nothing good about the 369sxe alotta people say spools better than 366 all day long, also 4ks is enough for that turbo
    I've been shopping around and think I want to but a 369sxe from pdd. I have your 026s I bought in 2012 and I have some 5x.016s and a 180 pump. I have 4ks , rack plug, 19* timing, Procomp black pump, he351.

    I had to throw the 0 plate back in but I couldn't pass up the deal on these new 5x.016s from my buddy. 145* sac 290 bar.

    I was leaning towards a 64/71/14 and maybe a budget no2 setup as this is my daily but I have owned a truck in the past that was more strip oriented - 3500 stall high revving small block Chevy.

    Would 4ks be enough with the 369 with the .91 t4 housing ? Would I need to upgraded my valve springs from the 60# springs I already have ? My converter is stock stall billet single. Next on the list would be a triple from dpc. I have installed a few from phil already.

    All I tow is a lightweight 16' boat 3-4 times a year. Stock size tires on truck

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