3306 more power?


Aug 28, 2006
Got a Steiger Bearcat with a 3306 250hp CAT. Any pump work that can be done to get some more power? Just did an overhaul on it and its ready for more power....
At the back of the pump there is a plate you remove and there will be two set screws in there and you must adjust them evenly i think you back them out for more fuel i cant remember been a few years since i turned ours up. You can open them up a ways but it would be good to get a pyro, working a tractor at full load all day wont last if you get her to hot.
Im sure more will chime in on this!
Unscrewing the screws is correct for more power.They will be little allen head screws with about a 1/4 inch lock nut the dealerships have a special tool to adjust those it might be kind of hard to tighten the set screws without moving the adjustment screws. If u have a book on that engine the screws are called FTS and FLS however i forget what they stand for as its been a while.A pyro would definitly be a good idea.