CAT engine application question

Thanks for the info; I suppose the downside to unique is parts availability, or lack thereof. It looks like the 4bt might be my best option. I know where I can find all the parts for one of those. What are the specs on that susi engine?
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Sisu was bought out by AGCO in 2003, and is now replacing almost all other engine manufacturers used by them. It is an awesome engine, balanced like nothing I've ever seen from a mass producer of engines. Basically, just a well built most engines today.

What I like about them:
Mid Liner cavitaion and a stronger cylinder
6 Head bolts per cylinder
TONS of torque

As far as detailed specs, let me dig them up off my server and I'll post up what I have!
If you want to see the 3114 cat buggy in action. Google "Diamond Dave Cat buggy" you'll get some hits. Hand built tube chassis, rockwells, 48" Michelins.

Ill spot you some pics from my laptop when I get back from the mine in the morning.

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You mean before the head gasket blew, or you dropped a valve?

Not a big fan of them since they went to the Tier 3 emissions standards. WAY too many top end problems, and they seem to eat injectors faster than our other engines. We don't have a ton out there, but what we have had, have been hit or miss.

BTW, mine were the real Perkins version in MF tractors;)

Stick with the 4BT, or if you want odd, go with a Deutz air cooled, or a Sisu Diesel. Those are odd engines that are worth looking at;) I think I have a Sisu 4.4L 105hp left around here...
You're holding out on a Sisu 4.4l??? GIMME!! I have a Jeep that needs it!!
Ya its a Rocky mountain hill climb killer. I'll find you some vids of it at work. pretty awesome.
BTW spec on TMI is 3650 hp on a 3524B in a JSM series 797B even though advertised is 3500 hp.