MBN to 6NZ Do I have this correct


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Apr 21, 2021
I am rebuilding my mbn to a 6nz and want to make sure that I have this correct. I dont know what to set the fts and fls numbers too. let me know if I missed anything. thanks.

Converting a MBN to a 6NZ
6nz 550 1850 torque

1-Flash the MBN ECM with a 6NZ file.
2-Change the Turbo to a bigger turbo, such as the pdi 650hp stage 1 turbo
3-unplug the wastegate using the cat ET program
4-change injector codes to 5232
5-Fls and Ftssetting, not sure which ones to use yet
6-get rid of the muffler
7-fuel temp resistor & inlet air temp sensor from ebay already assembled

Other optional upgrades to tune it perfect.
1-Change exhaust manifold to help engine temperature
2-Change Camshaft to improve power to a 6nz camshaft, better timing
3-Change injectors to 6NZ injectors - OR-9257
4-Change pistons to 6nz pistons