OM606 swap questions


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Feb 27, 2021
So it looks like the NA 606 has a mechanical injection pump. So if I had a car that came with a na 606 would a turbo 606 be a direct swap. I would convert the electronic 606 to a mechanical pump. Or would it be easier to get a car that already has a turbo 606 and convert it to mechanical. The turbo 606 is drive by wire so a pedal assembly would have to be used. Basically my question is what is the simplest way to have a mechanical turbo 606.
The turbo 606 engine is stronger.
The mechanical pump is pretty crippled power wise by the 5.5mm pump elements, if you really must stay mechanical, then at least get the elements swapped out for the 6mm elements out of the electronic pump or get a bespoke pump with some aftermarket pump pistons.
The 5.5mm pump pistons will only put out enough fuel for about 160 horsepower turned up to maximum.